The Bugnet Stichting Nederland was established on 3 April 2002. Objective: to confer support to people and establishments who use the Bugnet method for the rehabilitation of the physically disabled and for reintegration into society by the disabled themselves.

This goal is aspired to in the following activities:

  • publications;
  • assistance with courses;
  • maintaining a website;
  • keeping names and addresses, on a voluntary basis, of physiotherapists who apply the Bugnet method in their practices;
  • keeping the names, also on a voluntary basis, of patients who have been helped by the application of exercises from the Bugnet method;
  • managing the archive, bequeathed by W. van Gunsteren, O. de Richemont and L. van Wermeskerken, the three authors of the book ‘Bugnet Posture Resistance Therapy’;
  • support of scientific research relating to the Bugnet method;
  • promoting the availability of new aids which are needed for carrying out the exercises independently according to the Bugnet method;
  • and everything that could be advantageous to the goal.

The book ‘Bugnet Posture Resistance Therapy’ was originally published in France under the title of: ‘Réeducation musculaire à base de réflexes posturaux’. The Dutch version appeared in 1973 and in 2002 an English translation appeared: ‘Muscle training with postural resistance’. A Chinese translation has been published in 2006 on the initiave of Mr F. van Gunsteren.  

The Bugnet Stitchting Nederland is considered by the (Dutch) Treasury to be a foundation as referred to in Article 24 paragraph 4 of the Inheritance Tax,  that will say that gifts to the foundation are tax-deductible.

The foundation's Board of Directors are: F.F.van Gunsteren, chairman; T. van den Bout, secretary; J.A. Borghuis,treasurer; A.C.J.H. Borghuis - Knol, member.

Advisory physiotherapist, G.H. Lenselink - Kamphuis.

The administration and the annual reports and accounts are based with:  Niehof van der Meulen, Burg. de Raadtsingel 27-29, 3311 JG Dordrecht.

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