An eleven year old boy, known to have growing problems, has been referred by the paediatrician in connection with postural problems. After observation, it appeared to be a C scoliotic posture (left convex) with strong lumbar angular lordosis (concave back) and a rotational position of the spinal column. His left leg is approx. 1.5 cm shorter than the right leg. The boy appears to be very unsure of himself; he has trouble moving (his motoric is not retarded) and he is unable to face sporting activities. His mother is very worried. She says: ‘I keep saying something is wrong but no-one can find anything in particular.’



Build up according to Bugnet :
    Forwards and backwards correction of the lordosis-kyphosis: See English book: Exercise B. Treatment of Lordosis and Kyphosis. (p. 50)

    Sideways correction: See book English version: p. 42 and 51. 
    Rotational correction: See book English version: p. 52 and following. 

During the exercises the corrective elements of the previous exercises are built-up. The weak and contracted muscles are treated. Initially the boy was very uncertain and cried when the exercises wouldn't immediately work. 
Provide plenty of positive stimulus,  limit programme to 1 or 2 exercises, repeated and slowly built-up. Good support at home from mother or father is necessary for the exercises. Exercise ten times once or twice a day. Advice: pay no further attention to the posture problems. A support sole has been put into the left shoe to correct the leg length difference.



The first week the boy complained of slight pain for short periods after the exercises. Within two months his mother reported that she found her son to be more self-assured. The therapy is supportive, that will say once a week in the beginning and tailing off to once a month and finally to just one check-up. To get a good result it is necessary to practice at home daily.

After six months the posture had improved and the boy enjoyed movement more: he does not mind school gym anymore. His self-confidence is increasing.

Postural resistance therapy has a favourable influence on the psyche: one becomes more able-bodied through the interplay of providing resistance and maintaining posture against exterior forces. 

The boy has started doing judo and swimming.