What use is Bugnet to some one with post-polio?

The Bugnet postural resistance therapy is especially useful in keeping yourself as level as possible during slow and constant deterioration. 
A good starting position in regard to posture should be taken during the exercises. That is a statement but also a reminder: 'Oh yes, that's the way I should sit or stand!'
The exercises are static which means that you work hard but you will not see any movement. It is really 'slogging against resistance'.
Through the good starting position a 'chain' of muscles is created which work together and much is asked of the weakest link in the chain. The muscles gradually become stronger, post-polio or not!  And moreover the total condition improves.

Personally, I (MJ-vG, 62 years old, completely paralysed from the age of 11 months, post-polio) do the Bugnet exercises every day in my standing table. After each exercise I can feel my heart beating faster and my hands become warmer. Sometimes it is the same with my feet.