In August 2012 I described my experiences with hypermobility up until then (see hypermobility and pregnancy). Three years along and I now have an underactive thyroid as well. A set-back I could have done without after a tough pregnancy. Besides the incredible tiredness, the thyroid problems also cause a lot of joint pain and (even more) instability, among other things.
I have now become well-adjusted to the thyroid medication and I feel much better. In fact, I have never had so much energy, despite a busy family and job. For that matter I only need to go to the physiotherapist once every three weeks (this used to be once a week). This is mainly because I now have the energy to practise sport. Unfortunately there are not many options open to me, so I keep to fitness training, 1-2 times a week for an hour. I didn’t specifically choose fitness training to improve my condition but mainly to train my muscles and stability. I have noticed that the Bugnet exercises can be applied on the apparatus and during cardio training - the basis of good posture. In my case, gently tensing stomach and buttock muscles, knees not overstretched and a good position for my feet. This is now quite automatic after four years. I like to start on the cross-trainer and make symmetrical movements with my whole body. Of course running on the treadmill is not possible, but a brief running training for the controlled roll of your foot does wonders for your buttock and stomach muscles!
I then go from one apparatus to the next. All the parts are given a chance: legs, back, stomach, shoulders. And all the while keeping an eye on my posture of course. I also do Bugnet exercises during certain exercises on the apparatus, with the accent on my arms or my hands for example. I’m not interested in heavier training. It is all about the control and symmetry of the movement. It trains the posture-related muscle groups very well, and this ensures that my joints stay in one place for longer periods and do not suffer subluxation. And you get more energy as an added benefit!
A dose of flu or my thyroid deteriorating does throw a spanner in the works. But I do notice that I recover quicker and retrieve the stability in my body faster.
Fitness training was not my favourite sport, but now that it makes me feel so good, I am finding it more and more fun. And listening to good music while doing it does wonders as well!

September 2015